Have you ever stopped to consider just how many technological gadgets you deal with every, single day? Computers, televisions, cell phones, video games, in-car DVD players and the ever present iPod. Do young people deal with it more than adults? According to Dr. Gary Small, author of "iBrain: Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind," the average young person spends eight and a half hours a day exposed to digital technology. Are people addicted to technology?

Teenagers in Los Angeles in the US have taken part in an experiment to find out how they would cope without their electronic gadgets for a week. The 15 and 16-year-olds gave up their mobile phones, mp3 players, TV, radio and other electronic luxuries, and discovered that it was like to trying to kick an addiction.

Watch the video and check out what they said about it.

I’m not sure I’d call it an addiction, maybe because I’ve come to the conclusion that I would find it very hard to live without technology. What do you think?
How many technological gadgets do you deal with every day?
What would it be like to spend a week without them?
How much technology is too much technology?
“We’ve reached a point of no return. Technology is definitely part of our lives.” Do you agree?

Yone Santos - teacher - Flamengo


  1. I guess I'd manage to live without my cell phone. I'd probably find it hard in the first week but getting rid of this permanent link with the whole world would be such a relief! But we're talking about one week only, aren't we?

    You see, I had my first cell phone in my late twenties and cell phones did what cell phones were supposed to do: make and receive calls only, and on top of that, making calls was costly and battery recharging took an entire night. Not to mention the phone bills and the weight! And yet, we were delighted to own that novelty just the same!

  2. Life would be calm ...
    The world would be quieter ...
    People would be less anxious ...
    People wouldn't be depressed for not having received any calls ...
    Cultura Express 5 - Jardim Botânico

  3. No way without music (i pod)!
    You can learn how to play an instrument.
    You could also sing instead of listening to your i pod.
    You could send telegrams or letters and practice writing.
    Lucas & Giovana
    Instead of watching TV you could read a book.
    Plus 4 - Jardim Botânico

  4. I think the teenagers are completly addicted in tecnology.

    But the question is: This addiction is positive or negative?

    The tecnology can be very positive and bring a lot of benefits. Of course it also bring a lot of harm.
    What I think is this addicted has to be controle, so that we can use that such better than we use nowadays.

    Vitor Szmaragd - PLUS 1 - Leblon

  5. Tecnology is good ,but doesnt have to be dependent

    Leonardo Valejo


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