Would you give up your iPod for a Walkman?

Giving up my iPod for a Walkman

Scott Campbell with Walkman

When the Sony Walkman was launched, 30 years ago this week, it started a revolution in portable music. But how does it compare with its digital successors? The Magazine invited 13-year-old Scott Campbell to swap his iPod for a Walkman for a week.

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Posted by Marcelo Duhá, Teacher, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.


Lil´ red riding in da hood

A little girl on a daunting quest, a basket of goodies and a shortcut full of perils; a cunnig wolf, a sick granny. A savior, an axe; a happy ending and a moral.

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Did you enjoy it? Why(not)?

Do you have a favourite fairy tale? If so, would you like to see a modern version of it?

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Pensioner drinks nothing but Coke for 40 years in promise to mother

Pero Ajtman, 71, said he promised his mother he would stop drinking alcoholic beverages four decades ago.
"She made me promise never to drink again and Coke was the only thing that tasted as good as wine so I started drinking that."
"Now I have a glass in the morning, before and after lunch, with my dinner and then before I go to bed. I never drink anything else."

Suggested by Letícia Falcão - Student - Cultura Express 6 - Flamengo

Her classmates would like to hear from you:

What consequences do you think this will bring to him?
Would you be able to do the same?
Have you got any addiction?


While watching this clip, reflect carefully on what you have been doing to keep our planet safe and healthy. It starts at home. Think about it. How would you feel if the marvellous things shown here were gone... Oops! There is "something" in the clip that has already been extinct. What?


Tomorrow, June 5th, we are celebrating the World Environment Day and for this reason we are inviting you to read some suggestion that can change the planet. Remember that our home, Planet Earth, has been threatened by its own inhabitants: You and Me! (And all Mankind!) for such a long time.

What can we do? How can we help ?

The United Nations has got a programme, UNEP, which enables nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising the future generations.

Click on its address, read and think about your role in this world. I am sure we can become a little GREENER!


Isaac Gonzaga de Oliveira, Copacabana.



What used to be just a question of good manners and common sense is now a law issue all over the State of Rio de Janeiro. The use of cameras, MP3 players, smartphones and the like is forbidden in state schools, so has decided Governor Sérgio Cabral. The gadgets are not to be used in classrooms, libraries, and other meeting and study premises. Cellphones will only be allowed in patios after lessons or during breaks, and not only students, but teachers and administrative staff will have to abide the new law. If they don't, school administration may issue fines or confiscate the gadgets, and further procedures may go from warnings to expulsion (in the case of students) or firing (in the case of personnel and teachers).
(Alexandre Siqueira, teacher - Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro)