What are YOU like?

The BBC site is offering a personality test so that we can know a little bit more about ourselves, friends and family members.

Are you a leader or a peacemaker? A go-getter or a realist? To take the test click on the link below:


After having taken the test, were you happy with the results? Do you enjoy taking this sort of test? How accurate do think they are? Let´s share our ideas!

Marcello Caldas - Teacher at Botafogo, RJ


  1. Raisa Santos student at botafogo- RJMay 7, 2009 at 8:28 PM

    Hi Marcello, how are you?
    I did the test, it's cool...
    My result is: Spontaneous;Ideas;Heart(oohhn);Introvert.
    Well, I like it, think it shows the reality, Cause I think I'm really like these!
    It's cool..=]

  2. wooot! Nice test indeed! I took it and I guess I'm not that spontaneous but prone to plan things in advance! Hmmm, but I can be spontaneous too! Especially while in the classroom when some of my plans may not be totally achieved... but taking such tests is really cool! Nice link Marcelo!

    Marcia Cunha - Botafogo - RJ

  3. Very nice test!
    I'm a Nurturer. ;)


    Simone Corrêa, Águas Claras, DF

  4. Amazing guys. It really works at least with me.
    I'm an innovator

  5. Renata Loretti GouvêaMay 11, 2009 at 11:17 PM

    Very nice test!!! I really enjoyed it and I reckon it's quite accurate!!I'm an idealist. A spontaneous, introverted and emotional person and it's true, there's no doubt!Renata Longobardi Loretti Passos Gouvêa- Branch: Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro.

  6. Dany Tomé - Teacher / Mentor at Copacabana, RJMay 11, 2009 at 11:37 PM

    Well, my answers suggest I'm a MENTOR - which I am in fact... :P
    According to the test the 4 aspects of my personality are: PLANNER, IDEAS, HEART and EXTROVERT. I'm not so sure about the last one -the rest is totally me!!! I wonder if my students see me this way...
    I had lots of fun with this!!

  7. Hey guys!!
    I've just taken the test and I think it suits me perfectly. I'm a peacemaker!!

    C Ya!

  8. Elisa - Teacher at Botafogo, RJ
    I'm a mentor too!!!
    I think I'm pretty much like this, but it would be interesting to know if the sts share the same opinion...

  9. I really like the test!! It also suits me perfectly (I guess).
    According to the results, I'm an innovator , and the four aspects that make up this personality are: SPONTANEOUS, IDEAS, HEARTS and EXTROVERT.
    Dany Tomé, I'm pretty much like you, apart from the PLANNER bit.

    Alex (Teacher / Cosme Velho)

  10. Hello! I´m Mariana Chaves, from Leblon branch. As a Psychologist, I can say that this test is pretty close to the reality. I was happy with the result :) I´m a big thinker!! Nice meeting all of you!

  11. Hello, I'm Amalia, from Cosme velho branch.

    Great test.

    It says I'm a leader and the four aspects that make up this personality type are:
    Planner, ideas, heads and extrovert.

    I was really happy with my result.

  12. Marcello, long time no see you!
    Hi! I'm supposedly a peacemaker. I'm not quite convinced though... But maybe I am and I hadn't noticed it yet.
    Love tests!

    Lúcia Novaes (teacher at Copacabana)

  13. Very nice this test!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Acordding to the test;
    I am a Planner, not Spontaneous.
    I like making schedules, being on time and avoiding last-minute stress.

    Byeeeeeee. Gio gio

  14. Nathalia Araujo, plus 1

    I think that is cool, but isn't necessary!

  15. gabriel lourenço from botafogo branch
    very very nice this test
    acording to the planer . not spontaneous
    bye my teacher is calling me

  16. Natalia Medici Plus 1, Botafogo
    very cool!!!!!

  17. "You are flexible and take life as it comes."
    Very cool this test ,I really like it.

    Kisses ,
    Yasmin -Leblon

  18. It's a very nice test, I'm quite impressed with the result !! I mean, it says a lot about me .
    According to it,my personality type is : "spontaneous, ideas, heart, introvert" - I'm an Idealist person.
    Bingo ! :)

    Fernanda - Copacabana

  19. What a nice test! It's quick and objective. I'm a strategist according to it. I guess that's (a part of) me.

    Teresa, teacher at Botafogo

  20. With Amalia and Alex, the test hit the nail on the head! As for me, I'm spontaneous, ideas, heart and introvert. But I think I'm somewhere in the middle between an introvert and an extrovert.

  21. I like this test. it`s very cool!!
    According to the test I`m a Provider and I aggre if it.
    Blandine.Branch Botafogo

  22. Hi,

    it's amazing, I liked so much. The test indicated like i am really.
    According to the test I'm a mastermind. I think it's good but i need to improve my behavior, i'm very shy

    Adriana Aniceto - Botafogo


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