What used to be just a question of good manners and common sense is now a law issue all over the State of Rio de Janeiro. The use of cameras, MP3 players, smartphones and the like is forbidden in state schools, so has decided Governor Sérgio Cabral. The gadgets are not to be used in classrooms, libraries, and other meeting and study premises. Cellphones will only be allowed in patios after lessons or during breaks, and not only students, but teachers and administrative staff will have to abide the new law. If they don't, school administration may issue fines or confiscate the gadgets, and further procedures may go from warnings to expulsion (in the case of students) or firing (in the case of personnel and teachers).
(Alexandre Siqueira, teacher - Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro)


  1. I think it is right but exaggerated because the expulsion or firing of students and teachers is not necessary.
    Tamara and Beatriz
    Basic 5- Jardim Botânico

  2. I think this is not necessary at all because sometimes the school is exaggerated about this.
    Basic 5 - Jardim Botânico

  3. We reckon cellphones should be forbidden because they disturb people during the classes. We believe the punishment should be a warning the first time the student failed to obey the law. On the other hand, the school should raise students' awareness about the fact that they should not be used in class.
    Plus 4 (whole group) - Jardim Botânico

  4. I think it is a particular need of the person on the use of electronic devices such as cell phone used in free time and mp3 or ipod in the recreational use of student!

    Plus 1, M. Leblon

  5. I think it's right, but it's too radical too...
    Someone can has an emergency and need the cellphone.
    However, the students abuse of the use of this eletronic things.

    Vitor Szmaragd - Plus 1 Leblon

  6. if they'll punish the students with such strict things, they should puish the teachers too!( and it never happens. I gues it wont work either: schools wont expel kids just because their mobile rang. if the person really has an emergency, he/she should warn the teacher about it sothat it wouldn´t be so annoying

  7. First of all, it shouldn't be necessary to make a law issue to forbid it. I mean, by sense you should know how you're suppose to behave on class.
    Anyway, I don't think it's going to help that much as if an individue want not to pay attention at the teacher or the board or whatever, this individue will invent another way to spend his time.

    Julia Soares.

    Plus 3 - Botafogo branch.

  8. I think expulsion is too radical !
    If a mobile rang, the teacher would say to turn off !
    If It happened again, the teacher would take the student phone. After, his parents should go to the school and take the student phone back!
    Expulsion isn't the right way to change the students ! The best way is educating them !

    Gabriela Machado, Plus 1, Filial Botafogo.

  9. Lourenço said...
    I think this is so radical
    a exemple in te recess you don't have anything to do and you take the ipod and listen
    If the celphone or another gadgets disturb the class the owner of the gadgets have to be punid


  11. I think this is too radical too! If one student have one emergency he needs the cellphone to have a comunication, but if the mobile rang all the time so, the object must be confiscated, but the expulsion is an absurd!

    Rafael Macedo (MPN) , Plus 1, Botafogo

  12. Honestly, they might do that, but for me is not gonna make any diference. We need to concern ourselfs that answering celphones or any eletronic devices in class is wrong, and turn them off during the period of class.
    So, i agree with the majority of the students here, manners by expulsion should be prohibited.

    Mayra Nascimento

    Plus 3 - Botafogo Branch

  13. i think that the people are a lot dependent of this.
    How a mobile can be necessary in a classroon??

    Leonardo Valejo

  14. I agree, but I think forbids everything is too radical. Ok, mobiles, cameras, iPods and etc. aren't necessarty in a classrom, however the student is who decid if he want to bring the gadgets or not.

    Ana Vitória França
    Plus 1 - Leblon


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