Missouri University School Of Journalism Demands iPhone

Journalism students at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism are going to be getting a taste of Apple, whether they like it or not: According to the university’s Website, journalism students starting classes in the fall will be required to purchase an Apple iPhone or an iPod touch. The requirement has been imposed to allow for the delivery of “freshman-orientation information” as well as course material.A release from Mizzou states students will be able to electronically download material to either of the devices from iTunes University, a no-cost component of the iTunes Store. The university said students who do not yet own an iPod touch, classified as “the minimum requirement,” or an iPhone should contact the school’s computer store.
Many, many schools are starting to do this. We will start recording lectures so that students may review them before exams,” the Web page states. “Students also will have ready access to critical information on where to find help to solve various problems thanks to material we will deliver in conjunction with freshman orientation.”

What do you think about it? Would you use your iPhones and iPods for academic purposes?

Posted by Tatiana Madureira - Teacher at Flamengo Branch, RJ


  1. We think work with an IPhone or an ITouch is good, because you can teach and find a lot of information fast. However, we disagree with the idea that " you HAVE to have it" to be a journalist

    Isabela & Leo, Jardim Botânico, Plus 3

  2. We think this had to be optional. Because not everyone can afford an Iphone or an Itouch. But for the ones who have one it's going to be so much easier to study.

    Plus 3 , Jardim Botânico

  3. I think this is important to improve our performance and Cultura Inglesa should give an IPod touch or an IPhone for each student
    Vitória Maria - Plus 1 - Leblon

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  6. An iPhone and an iTouch are to expensive and I think that the school should give this to us.

    Priscila - Plus 1 Botafogo

  7. I Think that isn't a good idea ,because if somebody who hasn't enough money to buy an Iphone / Itouch,won't be able to do the course. So college who demands Itouch/Iphone, and has poor peolple but intelligent, will lose These students .Maybe it will become general all over the world.Like the Universitys who has Itouch as a minimun requirements will be for the rich people.And university who doesn't demand Itouch
    will be for the poor people.
    This Isn't FAIR!

  8. Helena Sica Master 2/Flamengo BranchMay 20, 2009 at 4:08 PM

    Missouri School of journalism has the distinction of being ths first journalism school in the world.So a lot of students try to enter in this university,which is known as one of the best.But also,is known as a very expensive university,because it who study there can pay or already have a Iphone or Itouch.However,they have the system of scholarships and these students?It's not fair!Then they need to acquire a new method for not obligate and constrain who does not have money.Despite of this is an excellent ideia of developments.

  9. I think it is a very good iniciative because it will estimulate students to learn, because everybody likes ipods. It will make study more interesting. I don't use my ipod touck for academic task but I will from now on use it. I think it's a very good idea.

    Gabriela Bank - Leblon Branch - Plus 1

  10. We think that Cultura Inglesa should give an iPod Touch/iPhone to each of their BEST students. We think it would be nice =)


    Express PLus 1

    - Julia Sartori
    - Juliana Domingues
    - Cleslay Delfino
    - Tadeu Mezzavilla
    - Yuri Matthias
    - Julia Santos
    - Luiza Iandra
    - Matheus Rocha
    - Daniel Guerra

    Flamengo Branch

  11. Its a nice initiative, we agree with that up to a certain extent. Part of the group think that is an absurd, because it is useless to study and it isn't too necessary to have an ipod for academic purposes.
    The other part think that form to convice parents to buy it.

    master 1 - Flamengo branch

  12. Nice way to increase digital inclusion, to make student's lifes easier, and etc, technology is getting better every day, now the only thing missing is people learning to apply it anywhere they can, and using them in college is one of these ways.

    Leo Bloch Coutinho - Plus 5, Jardim Botânico branch.

  13. I reckon more people should be able to have an iPhone or iTouch before think on studying on them.


  14. Using technology as a tool to facilitate learing is fantastic. Now... imposing it is shameful.
    Marcelo, Taguatinga DF

  15. I think the ITouch and the IPhone, are too much pratical. The techonology is getting better all the time !
    The people can surf on the internet anywhere. And this incluid study for tests. Or just do a research !
    However, there are many students that have no finacial conditions to buy one.
    So, in my opinion, the students can choice If they want have one, or no ! Because, there are many students that can have an ITouch or an IPhone. But many students can't !

    Gabriela Machado, Plus 1, Filial Botafogo.

  16. I think it's a great ideia. The journalists need to have and learn all about tecnologies and communication. All the colleges should do this with their students.

    Julia Krumholz, Plus 5, Filial Jardim Botanico.

  17. Ana Catharina- Plus 5 JBMay 25, 2009 at 10:34 PM

    I think that, as Iphone isn't cheap and not everyone can afford it at all, universities or schools can't define it as a minimun requirement.
    Though, Iphone is an amazing device of learning as well as it can help students a lot, mainly journalism students who might always be 'updated'.

  18. An expensive but good idea.
    Not every one can have one, beacause it's too expensive . Anyway, it's important to journalists to be connected all time and be able to use all these new tecnolgies.

    Artur Cereto,Plus 1, Filial Jardim Botânico

  19. I agree to the idea of putting iPhones on schools and universities will help much more the classes. I hope that will happen one day...

    Guilherme Bizzo - Puls 1, Leblon branch

  20. could be good or not,but a think that a lot of schools cant buy

    Leonardo Valejo

  21. I think it's a great idea, will be help a lot of students. However, not everyone can have and iPod touch or iPhone and this idea can let many people sad.


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