Pensioner drinks nothing but Coke for 40 years in promise to mother

Pero Ajtman, 71, said he promised his mother he would stop drinking alcoholic beverages four decades ago.
"She made me promise never to drink again and Coke was the only thing that tasted as good as wine so I started drinking that."
"Now I have a glass in the morning, before and after lunch, with my dinner and then before I go to bed. I never drink anything else."

Suggested by Letícia Falcão - Student - Cultura Express 6 - Flamengo

Her classmates would like to hear from you:

What consequences do you think this will bring to him?
Would you be able to do the same?
Have you got any addiction?


  1. I'm addicted to chocolate ;)

    Sandra - Icaraí 2, niterói

  2. Surely he will have any kind of stomach disease. That´s why I only drink Fanta! Ahahahah!

  3. Rodrigo, Vitor and Plus 3 students (Botafogo) said:

    The guy is crazy. How can he drink Coke for 40 years? He'll have health problems (Daniel says it's herpes according to Google).

    We're addicted to:
    mobile phones,
    Cultura Inglesa,

  4. He may have some health problems and doesn't know..or pretends that doesn't know.
    I'm addicted to cheese(hahaha) but I would never do something like that because I know that it wouldn't be good to me, to my life.
    Making a promise to your mother that you'd stop drinking alcoholic beverages, don't mean that you'll only drink one thing during your lifetime. He should try another drinks..maybe other soda.

    Raquel Araújo, Plus 3, Botafogo branch

  5. JP - Express 6 - FlamengoJune 9, 2009 at 10:31 PM

    Ow, ow! This eldery Sir is really crazy.
    I think he should choose another beverage. It could be chincha morada, a kind of juice in Peru. It is made from purple corn. It looks strange, but surely it is much better than coke for his health.
    I wouldn't be able to do the same. I'd much rather drink wine or water than coke. I'm very fond of red wine.
    I'm addicted to eat chocolate after have lunch.

  6. Lourenço said...
    the guy is stupid
    he can have health problems
    he have to choose another beverage
    let's think obout your life

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  8. owwwwww that is a strange story!! very funny!!

    Natalia Medici Plus 1 botofogo!

  9. This is really strange.. =/
    But is a good one to stop drinking alcohol! =D
    Coke is the better ever thing that the man could create!

    Raquel Lavrador- Plus 1 Botafogo =)

  10. He must be overweight and have some critical health problems. We would never do it.
    We're addicted to...
    Japanese food,

    We usually drink ...
    water, orange juice, coke, ovomaltine, milkshake, Nestea, Ades, mate, guaraná, Mineirinho and Fanta.
    Teacher prefers guaraná and orange juice.

    Plus 1 Botafogo students :)

  11. We are addicted to chocolate
    Basic 3 Jardim Botanico

  12. I´d never be able to do that, because i´m not very fond of coke and i´m not crazy either.
    I´m addicted to chocolate, movies and books.

    Cultura express 6

  13. I´m addicted to rice and beans with any other dish
    Wander - Plus4 - Jardim Botânico

  14. Everything in excess is bad for your health.
    You've got to control yourself in your own addictions. If you can do it, congratulations, you're one of mine.
    Mateus, Plus 4 , JB

  15. I think I would not be able to do the same because it is not good for health. He could have stomachache or other disease, in addition he could become fat. My addictions are TV and fastfood.

    Isabelle Siqueira, Plus 3, Botafogo

  16. I would never do something like that,it can cause a serious stomach disease or something worst :/
    My addiction is computer !

    Carolina Regina,Plus 3,Botafogo

  17. I don't think it was a good promise..
    He is drinking Coke at least five times a day!
    So, he's changed something bad for something even worst, because it kills more slowly.
    Well, I hate Coke, but I'm addicted to Matte Leão and Chocolate.

    Marcela - Plus 3 - Botafogo

  18. So, I think dinking coke for a period logs as that one can be a problem, but in this case it'sa good idea because alcoholic drinks aren't the best idea.....

    Caio-Plus 3-Botafogo

  19. In the future, the choice that he had made, will be much better than continues drinking alcoolic drinks. But in the same time drinking Coke isn't heathy. Is more heathy than drink alcoolic drinks. Yes, if I have to make a choice, drink Coke or alcoolic drinks. I would drink Coke.

    Camila - Plus 3. Botafogo

  20. he may have cancer, because too much of anything can cause cancer. including English classes!

  21. if he drank alcohol the same way he has been drinking coke, then he'd have no liver, he'd be a member of AA, and his family would have fallen apart.

  22. you don't have to enjoy a drink (any drink) as much as you enjoy wine.

    the way I see it, he is trying to substitute his alcohol addiction for something else.

    get a life!

    Plus 5 Leblon

  23. I like coke,but it is too unhealthy, this guy has to have some juice. Just drink coke on the weekends!
    Arthur plus 1
    from leblon

  24. I like coke, but isn't healthy. He could drink only sometimes.

    Nathalia Araujo, plus 1 - botafogo branch

  25. This man is stupid
    I dont know what how he think this

    Leonardo Valejo


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