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According to Scientific American:

"The exoskeleton detects—via a sensor attached to the wearer’s skin—brain signals sent to muscles to get them moving. The exoskeleton’s computer analyzes these signals to determine how it must move (and with how much force) to assist the wearer. The company claims on its Web site that the device can also operate autonomously (based on data stored in its computer), which is key when used by people suffering spinal cord injuries or physical disabilities resulting from strokes or other disorders."

So, yes, this IS an exoskeleton. Just like the ones you see in Japanese series like Jaspion or Power Rangers (technically Power Rangers are american, but who really cares?). With a difference: this one seems to work. I just hope it doesn't get snatched up by a group of evil terrorists so they can try to rule the world or something, because we are really out of superheroes at the moment.

Not trying to alarm any of you, but the japanese company (of course it was them! Who do you think was going to invent one of these?) which created this prototype is called Cyberdyne. The sci-fi movie fans will remember that this is the name of the company of the Terminator's series which becomes Skynet, the evil robot company that builds the terminators and end up taking over the world.

Seriously now, what you think about this: Should scientific labs worry about things as fancy as these or we just have a lot of other problems to solve first? Please, comment below.

Carlos, teacher at Copacabana. RJ.


  1. Well, I guess we have other problems to solve first, but at the same time there other scientists working on them (At least I hope so). Maybe things like this or the process of developing such a thing can have some use in different areas, such as medical, environmental and so. These fancy inventions require a lot of research which can be lent to others.

  2. WOW, Cyberdyne this is creepy. I really hope that all movie's ideas have been only SCI-FICTION

  3. I want it. I don't know what it'll useful for me, but it's really really interesting.

    How long it takes to it is offered in my near and preferable store?

    Welington R. Braga, CI - Campo Grande / Rio de Janeiro - RJ

  4. I think this is a great invention which will eventually lead to many improvements in medical science - if it helps disabled people move again, I'm all for it!

    Mila, CI Goiania Sul,GO.

  5. Hi Carlos. I knew you had posted this as soon as I read "exoskeleton", but whereas this is an exoskeleton terminators technically have endoskeletons, since flesh covers it, not the other way around!!

    Oh, would you be so kind as to invite me into this blog (or I'll have Arnie or Summer Glau break your legs)? Thanks a bunch!

  6. Eduardo Felipetto - Student of Botafogo, (5).
    I dont have many knowledge about twitter, but seems a fantastic instrument of comunication and integration between the people. The hint its to improve more about this big opportunity and move forward to digital word, but never forget the nature to relax... be happy!!!!!!

  7. I love the idea. It's realy cool and can help who need. I think that this will do some people think that the people who can't walk or, may be, can't eat and have a bath alone (the basic necessaries that 90% can do) will have the first experience and will see how good it is.
    And, nobody can say that the idea to have a robot to walk for us is bad. haha

    Amanda - Flamengo


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